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As a student in my senior year of the University of Economics, I had to decide what I want to do in my life. At the beginning, it was a very hard decision and honestly, who exactly knows?

I want to have passion for my job and I want to feel that that is the one for me. But what is it? What is the one for me? Last year I had to choose my minor. I have chosen Public Relations and my personal career focus on Media Relations. And since then I have known. That was it!


But what do I like about Media Relations?

  • Writing and Communication
  • Creativity
  • Social Media 

Writing and Communication

Writing is a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion through the inscription or recording of signs and symbols. That is the easiest definition of writing. For me, it is the easiest way how to express my feelings, personal opinions or information and share it with my audience.

After creating a content, we should talk to our audience about it. That the reason why is communication important. Our audience has to feel that we have an interest to listen and respond.

Writing for me is the easiest way how to express my feelings, personal opinions or information and share it with my audience.


I love the creative aspect of public relations because it allows all the hard work you’ve done behind the scenes to come out and shine. It has the chance to connect with our audience, make an impression, and be memorable.

Think about some of your favorite commercials, what made them so special? For me, a standout piece of marketing work involves a presentation that connects things I haven’t thought of or is innovative and exciting. Without creativity it is impossible to create. Creativity is memorable. Creativity is powerful. Creativity can drive the message home.

Public relations have the ability to tell a brand story – to connect and influence. It can also reach an emotional truth that speaks to the brand story and to the consumers own experiences. It has a power to change opinions but it means nothing without creativity.


Social Media 

The world of social media is huge and powerful. But for our success on social media we need to connect everything together. Writing, communication and creativity. We have to use these three elements to be successful on social media and in media world in general. We need to tell people our story and send them the message. We need to listen to them and talk to them in real time. But we have to be creative in the first place.

Leave me a comment telling me why you love Public Relations or your thoughts on PR campaings that are creative and/or personal. Also, Tweet me @martinasuk with the hashtag #themediamouse.


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