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#APPBattle: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat?

Instagram Stories and Snapchat, apps that are shaking up the world of marketing. Both of these mobile apps are very popular among generations Y and Z, but are they really useful for marketing usage? Which one of them is more beneficial for firms?

Let’s take a look at them!


Snapchat: The world of uncapturable moments

A photo messaging application where users can take photos-record videos-add text and drawings and send them to all users or a controlled list of recipients. That is a general definition of this apps, that was invented by Stanford university Students in 2011.

Users have basically two options how to share their content. They can either upload their pictures or videos to “My stories”, which are public for 24 hours before it disappears, or they can publish their content only for chosen recipients.

Snímek obrazovky 2017-04-08 v 15.20.45

Instagram Stories: Snapchat for adults

I still remember that moment. In the middle of last summer something changed with my Instagram. There was suddenly a completely new option how to use this social network. That day, Instragram went trough a huge transition. Before that day, it used to be “the world of perfection”. Thanks to filters people had a chance to change an ordinary boring average picture into a masterpiece.

That ended with the day when Instagram Stories was revealed. Users can show their true faces and imperfections throug 10 seconds long videos or picture. The content disappears in 24 hours.

Instagram is trying to improve the functions every day. In my eyes they are just getting closer and closer to Snapchat.

Instagram is further indulging our tech addiction. With the Instagram stories option Instagram is interrupting our time with friends or family to lifestream everything we do. Whether you like it or not, the idea of lifecasting became a mainstream behavior.

We could call it Snapchat for adults, a way for brands to post more without overwhelming people’s feeds, an alternative to Instagram’s Like-driven success theater or a blatant ripoff.

#TheBattle: Which one is better for marketers and promotion?

#NO’s for Snapchat

  • In most cases, Snapchat can still attract only very young people that are not able to help businesses with their credibility
  • The app itself is still very user unfriendly
  • It has “only” 301 million users worldwide

#YES’s for Snachchat

  • Businesses can easily target a certain group of young people
  • Three options for businesses to advertise
  • Businesses can get closer to their customers through “backstage” captures

#NO’s for Instagram Stories

  • Snapchat has a longer tradition

#YES’s for Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Stories tapped into a larger percent of the population as Instagram users are older. Brands who were looking to adopt short video format can start experimenting with stories and reach the right audience.
  • Instagram engagement by far exceeded other platforms. It is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.
  • Instagram Stories are designed to give our online friends more opportunities to learn about us.
  • Over 500 million users worldwide
  • Instagram Stories appear in a row at the top of the main feed instead of on a separate screen like Snapchat, and are sorted by who you interact with most, not purely reverse chronological order like Snapchat

My winner: Instagram Stories

Instagram stories give a business a chance to show a more human side to your brand. It is now more of a communication tool. They can keep their profile and share “amazing” pictures and content at the same time.

Snímek obrazovky 2017-04-08 v 12.23.13
Opinion of my followers on Twitter

Nothing builds engagement and loyalty more than allowing people to participate in the process along the way.

Leave me a comment telling me which one of them you prefer more. Also, Tweet me @martinasuk with the hashtag #themediamouse.


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